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Unique Original Antique Seaweed Pressing, Circa 1860

Unique Original Antique Seaweed Pressing, Circa 1860

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Discover the beauty of nature with this unique original antique seaweed pressing from circa 1860. Some pieces are inscribed with Linnaean taxonomy and location, adding a historical and scientific touch to your decor. Each pressing is set in a grey wooden frame with a light blue mount, making it a stunning addition to any space.

Product Details:

  • Type: Antique seaweed pressing
  • Era: Circa 1860
  • Framing: Grey wooden frame with a light blue mount
  • Quality: Bespoke museum-quality framing
  • Packaging: Sold separately with gift box and bag

Seaweed pressings were a popular Victorian pastime, created by gathering fresh seaweed and pressing it until dry onto a sheet of paper. The result is a unique piece of natural art, preserving the intricate beauty of seaweed.

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24cm x 21cm framed

Care Instructions

Direct sunlight, extreme heat and moisture can be detrimental to your artwork. It is advised to use a dry soft cloth for dusting. If a deeper clean is required, please contact us.

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