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Exquisite Mandarin Fan with Gilded Lacquer Sticks and Painted Silk Appliqué

Exquisite Mandarin Fan with Gilded Lacquer Sticks and Painted Silk Appliqué

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This magnificent mandarin fan showcases a remarkable blend of traditional Chinese artistry and craftsmanship, designed for the export market in the mid-19th century.

The fan's sticks are crafted from gilded lacquer, adding a luxurious and opulent touch to the overall design. The paper leaf is beautifully painted with a charming family scene, featuring figures dressed in intricately applied silk cloths and delicately painted faces, creating a captivating visual narrative.

Product Details:

  • Era: Circa 1860
  • Origin: Macao, China
  • Material: Gilded lacquer sticks, painted paper leaf with silk appliqués
  • Design:
    • Front: Charming family scene with figures in silk cloths
    • Reverse: Magnificent pheasant amidst a vibrant array of colorful flowers on a shimmering silver ground
  • Condition: Excellent, commensurate with age

Historical Context:
This exceptional mandarin fan was produced during a period of thriving cultural and artistic exchange between China and the West. The incorporation of silk appliqués and intricate painted imagery exemplifies the exceptional skill of Chinese artisans in catering to the growing demand for exotic and luxurious Asian-inspired decorative arts among Western consumers.

This mandarin fan is a true testament to the technical mastery and artistic vision of its creators, seamlessly blending traditional Chinese motifs and materials with a distinctly export-oriented aesthetic. It would make a stunning addition to any collection of antique or vintage Asian decorative arts or serve as a captivating centerpiece in a refined and elegantly curated living space.

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Care Instructions

Direct sunlight, extreme heat and moisture can be detrimental to your antique piece. It is advised to gently use a clean, dry duster for light dusting. If deeper clean is required, please contact us.

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