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Exquisite Silver Tazza Featuring Detailed Dragons and Figurative Scenes | Canton, Circa 1870

Exquisite Silver Tazza Featuring Detailed Dragons and Figurative Scenes | Canton, Circa 1870

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Delve into the rich heritage of Chinese silver work with this remarkable silver tazza, an exceptional piece of craftsmanship from Canton, dating back to circa 1870. The stand of the tazza is artistically crafted in the form of a dragon rising above waves, symbolizing power and strength in Chinese culture. The bowl above this majestic base is intricately decorated with eight cartouches, each depicting vivid scenes that include dragons, birds among bamboo and mongoose with grapes, showcasing the meticulous skill of the artisans.

Key Features:
- Design: The tazza features a dragon-themed stand and a bowl adorned with detailed cartouches of various figurative scenes.
- Material: Crafted from high-quality silver, reflecting the exquisite artistry of the period.
- Inscription: Engraved with the Chinese characters for "Longevity and Good Fortune 15th November 1896," adding a layer of historical significance and personal connection.
- Marks: Includes Chinese maker's ideogram and the retailer's mark from the renowned Hong Cheong, indicating authenticity and quality.
- Origin: Originating from Canton, a hub of silver craftsmanship in the 19th century.

Collector’s Item:
This tazza is not only a stunning decorative piece but also a collector's item, holding significant historical value and artistic merit. The detailed engravings and the powerful imagery of the dragon make it a standout piece for any collection of fine antiques or silverware.

The piece is in excellent condition, considering its age, and carries the patina of time that only adds to its allure and authenticity.

Ideal for:
- Collectors of antique silver and Asian artefacts
- Enhancing sophisticated home decor
- Special gifts marking significant occasions or anniversaries

For additional details, photographs, or inquiries about this magnificent silver tazza, please do not hesitate to contact us. This piece is a testament to the luxurious craftsmanship of 19th-century Chinese silversmiths and a treasure that offers both aesthetic pleasure and historical intrigue.


Diameter 16cm; Height 14cm; Weight 445 gm

Care Instructions

We strongly advise hand washing. To preserve the lustre and prevent tarnishing, a gently polish with a suitable agent is recommended biannually or as needed.

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