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Antique 1740s Copperplate Engraving | Procession d'une nouvelle Mariée qui se rend chez son Mari | Jacob van der Schley after Johan Nieuhof

Antique 1740s Copperplate Engraving | Procession d'une nouvelle Mariée qui se rend chez son Mari | Jacob van der Schley after Johan Nieuhof

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Enhance your collection with these exquisite framed copperplate engravings by Jacob van der Schley, based on the works of Johan Nieuhof. These detailed and historically significant pieces capture the essence of 17th-century China as seen through the eyes of European explorers. Schley's engravings, inspired by Nieuhof's travels, offer a unique glimpse into the architecture, culture and daily life of the time.

 Product Details

  • Artists: Jacob van der Schley (engraver), Johan Nieuhof (original works)
  • Title: Procession d'une nouvelle Mariée qui se rend chez son Mari
  • Year: 1746-49 (Schley's engravings based on Nieuhof's 17th-century travels)
  • Framing: Bespoke museum-quality framing, black
  • Mount Colours: Burgundy, dark green or charcoal. Please indicate mount colour choice at checkout under "Order special instructions"
  • Condition: two folds from time of publication. Slight yellowing or staining may be present due to age, adding to the antique charm. Please see photos for more details
  • Delivery: Framed to order, estimated delivery in 10 working days

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Printing Technique

This piece is a copperplate engraving, a print form that involves engraving an image onto a copper plate. The plate is then inked and pressed onto paper, transferring the image with exceptional detail and precision. The black and white palette allows the intricate textures and shadows to take centre stage.


These engravings by Jacob van der Schley were published as part of Antoine François Prévost’s monumental 15-volume work, Histoire Générale des Voyages, written between 1746 and 1789. Schley, a distinguished student of the famous Picart Le Romain, was renowned for engraving sceneries for Prévost’s books. These works were produced in The Hague at Pierre de Hondt's, with the privilege of His Imperial Majesty and the Lords of Holland and West Friesland. Schley's engravings were based on the original observations and sketches by Johan Nieuhof, a 17th-century Dutch traveller whose reports on China captivated the European audience.

As Western explorers like Nieuhof reached China during the 17th century, they sent back reports that were a combination of truth, exaggeration, and imagination. Although they are secondhand accounts as written by authors like Prévost, they provide a fascinating insight into the Age of Discovery.

Experience the timeless elegance and historical significance of these engravings in your own home. Order your framed engraving by Jacob van der Schley today and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the past.



36cm x 40 framed

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